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What is water-based metal paint?

Release date:2019年04月24日  browse366

   Waterborne metallic paint is a new type of waterborne paint developed by our company, which absorbs the essence of waterborne anticorrosive paint at home and abroad. It is the synthesis of a new generation of ion-stabilized self-emulsifying core-shell structure of water-borne resin, fillers and additives related to fillers and additives, three unique formulations and processes of poly-crosslinking, reactive and emulsifying. It is a scientific design scheme with self-emulsifying as the main factor and cross-linking and reactive as the auxiliary factors.

Construction technology of water-borne metal paint:

Surface requirements: Before painting, the article should check whether it is thoroughly dry, whether there are particles, oil spots and other sundries on the surface, to ensure that the object is good for you and non-destructive, if there are stains on the object, it must be cleaned up, so that the surface can be smooth and traceless before construction. The formula was diluted by stirring.

Construction environment: Choose sunny days with temperature of 5-40 C for construction. The relative environmental humidity below 80% is preferable. It is not suitable for painting under 3 C and ambient humidity above 80%. The paint film after painting should be avoided raining or water washing within 4 hours. The drying line is to accelerate the drying of paint film. The drying temperature should not be lower than 40 C and the drying time should be at least 20 minutes. The construction methods include brushing, spraying and dipping.

Product Packaging: Waterborne metal paint is packed with tinplate and plastic bucket, which are 20kg and 100kg respectively. Because water-borne metal paint is water-borne, non-toxic, tasteless, non-flammable and non-explosive products, and conforms to the "Non-Dangerous Goods Rules". Therefore, it is very easy to transport, and there is no need to worry about explosions in the transport process.