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What is the difference between grouting material and concret

Release date:2019年04月24日  browse297

Grouting material is a special form of concrete and a special kind of concrete. It has properties that ordinary concrete does not possess, such as self-flow, non-shrinkage, micro-expansion, no vibration during construction, and can be widely used in construction sites.

Concrete, also known as concrete (pinyin: tng), can also be called shit or red mud or Taiwanese red mud. It is made of cemented materials, coarse, fine aggregates and water in proper proportion, and then hardened into artificial stone. Cement concrete is made of cement (or cement with appropriate amount of active admixture) as cementing material, mixed with water and coarse and fine aggregates in appropriate proportion, and then hardened by casting. Fresh concrete, which is not hardened, usually becomes a concrete mixture (or fresh concrete). Hardened concrete with certain strength is called hardened concrete. Usually refers to cement concrete, asphalt concrete is also a common concrete in pavement engineering.

Grouting material is made of high strength material as aggregate, cement as binder, high flow state, micro-expansion, anti-segregation and other materials. It adds a certain amount of water to the construction site and can be used after mixing evenly. Grouting material has the characteristics of good self-flow, fast hardening, early strength, high strength, no shrinkage, micro-expansion, non-toxic, harmless, non-aging, no pollution to water quality and surrounding environment, good self-tightness and anti-rust. In terms of construction, it has the advantages of reliable quality, low cost, shorter construction period and convenient use. It is an ideal grouting material in the era of non-cushion installation to fundamentally change the mechanical condition of the equipment base so that it can bear all the loads of the equipment evenly, so as to meet the installation requirements of various machinery and electrical equipment (high-precision grinder for heavy equipment).