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What is the development trend of facing mortar?

Release date:2019年04月24日  browse327

At present, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and many other Asian countries have large-scale dry powder decorative mortar production plants. There are also dry powder decorative mortar factories in Taiwan and Hong Kong, which mainly produce wall decorative mortar. Since the reform and opening up in the 1980s, China began to introduce foreign dry powder decorative mortar production equipment, but the real promotion of the use of dry powder decorative mortar is after 2000. Dry powder decorative mortar can produce insulation mortar matching with building energy-saving materials, as well as decorative mortar. European countries adorn their walls with coloured mortar. Our country now adorns them with paint. Decorative mortar not only prevents the wall from cracking and falling off, but also is convenient, beautiful and firm.

In recent years, the proportion of decorative mortar in China has always maintained an upward trend, showing a steady and rapid development. It not only has special functions, but also is not inferior to other products in aesthetics. People's first impression of the building is its outer decorative mortar. Decorative mortar gives buildings colour, structure and distinct characteristics. At the same time, it forms a barrier to protect buildings from environmental damage. As the exterior of a building, decorative mortar is not only a fashionable coat, but also a protective shell. Just like in the fashion world, people's tastes are unchanged and require more functions. Modern mineral-based decorative mortar can meet the requirements of these two standards.