Welcome to ERT, USA!

Here is a platform to achieve career and dream!

The company's open employment mechanism and the openness and respect for talents have attracted a number of talents from overseas, top 500 enterprises in the world and domestic enterprises. The sustained and rapid development of the company has formed a continuous demand for talents.

Human Resource Concept

Employees are important partners of the company.

Codes of conduct

Let our partners be more competent;

Personnel policy

Compensation and benefits:

Competitive remuneration of the industry and region, talent in this harvest is not only a sense of achievement in career, but also a reasonable return on benefits. At present, the company provides five kinds of insurance for employees: industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, old-age insurance and medical insurance.


The company advocates a "fair, just and open" competitive environment and strives to make every employee of Guansheng have sustainable development space.


Effective incentive evaluation system, through commending, rewarding and providing long-term career development opportunities for employees who have done well in their work, achieves the goal of working hand in hand, pursuing and sharing results.


The company continuously introduces and trains talents, provides comprehensive career development space for business, skills and management, has systematic and complete internal and external training projects, provides opportunities and environment for the development and growth of every employee, thus establishing a fruitful, vibrant and sustainable staff team.