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Planar composite flower

Planar composite flower

Product color and color can be customized according to requirements.



Project performance

Planar-composite-flower.jpgPlanar composite flower.jpg

Note: Product color and color can be customized according to requirements.

Coil thickness: 2mm - 4mm

Coil specifications: 1.22 m wide * 10 m - 15 m long

"Iprit" rubber floor has outstanding advantages to meet the needs of different occasions. It is widely used in schools, hospitals, museums, libraries, cinemas, stadiums, gymnasiums, shipping companies, office buildings, senior citizens'activity centers, supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, waiting halls, subway stations, underground passages, etc. Public walkway, pharmaceutical factory, purification workshop, laboratory, electronic workshop, computer room, power plant, report hall and other places.

Product features

Green flooring

Rubber floor is made of high quality natural rubber and synthetic rubber. It has no pollution to the environment, no halogen and no toxic fog. It is a green environmental protection product. You can enjoy a healthy life comfortably.

Strong Antibacterial Floor

It has passed the international strong antimicrobial certification, the antimicrobial rate is more than 99.9%, and has strong antimicrobial effect.

Homogeneous penetration, super wear resistance

Rubber floor color from the inside to the outside to keep the same, can stand the test of time, and can ensure long-term durability, color stability.

Standard for Super Flame Retardant and Fire Resistance Class B1

Flame-retardant floors can be made according to the special requirements of customers. Flame-retardant floors have been tested by the National Building Materials Testing Center, reaching the highest level of fire prevention B1. Can withstand cigarette burning and other common corrosion properties.

Super sound absorption performance

It has super sound absorption performance and absorbs noise and echo to the maximum extent. By national testing, its sound absorption value can reach 13 decibels, especially suitable for quiet working environment.

Super anti-skid, safe and reliable

The product is made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, so it has certain elasticity, can alleviate impact force, and because of the characteristics of its raw materials, its surface resistance is particularly large, its anti-skid effect is incomparable with other floor materials, more astringent in water, reduce collision damage, effectively guaranteeing people's daily life. Safety.

Advanced Antistatic Performance

In modern buildings with abundant equipment, the problem of electrostatic interference is becoming more and more obvious. Many environments, such as electronic instrument workshop, chemical production base, computer room and power plant, have electrostatic interference. Epret rubber floor can effectively dissipate electrostatic accumulation and is the best floor material for electrostatic protection.

High Level Colour Matching

Rich in color and variety, it can meet the needs of different places such as office buildings, Hotel buildings, kindergartens and exhibition halls for bright colors and beautiful patterns.

Easy to install and clean

The back of the base floor and rubber floor to be laid is evenly coated with glue. When the glue is dry, the glue is aligned and pasted one by one, and the rubber hammer is used to knock it down. Easy to clean, under normal circumstances, only clean water can be used to mop the floor.

Construction technology