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  Chengdu Libang High Tech Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. and US EPRETE TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd. jointly established the American ERT Floor Material Brand in mainland China. The company is a benchmark enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, construction and service. Its headquarters is located in Chengdu, and it is located in Manhattan Phase I 150, 45 Renmin Nan Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu City. Room 1, the company has the most advanced ground material research and test center and production base in China. Mainly engaged in research and development, production, sales and construction of floor materials.

In order to further develop the domestic and foreign markets, the company has formed a comprehensive system of product matching, production and blending, including metal aggregate wear-resistant floor, non-ignition wear-resistant floor, inorganic nano-silicon floor system, inorganic nano-silicon diamond system, inorganic silicon color water-based floor coating, inorganic nano-silicon thick layer system, and so on. Inorganic nano-silica art floor system, water-borne nano-polyurethane mortar system, water-borne nano-silica polyurethane non-ignition floor system, cement self-leveling cushion system, cement self-leveling floor system, concrete sealing and curing system, osmotic hardening agent system, solvent-free epoxy floor system, super wear-resistant coating system, water-borne polycondensation system Urethane cover system, color concrete pervious floor system, polyurethane gravel pervious floor system.

The company has successively completed the Sino-German Real Estate, Tongwei Group, Yajule Real Estate, Tianxiang, Western China Expo City, Western China Shoe Capital, Chengdu Municipal Government Office Building, Shuangliu Airport Freight Station, Chengdu Air Logistics Park International Express Center, Ya'an Wanda Square, Cologne Pharmaceutical Industry, Dahecang, Chengdu New Century Maternal and Child Insurance. Health homes, etc.···

If you want to join the ERT cooperation platform, work together for the floor industry services, and in sales, engineering channel advantages of enterprises or individuals, please contact us! ERT looks forward to cooperating with you!

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